Indian Medical Association, the largest association of its kind at National level was established in 1928. At Akola too, practitioners of Modern Secientific Medicine(Allopathy) were having an Association by the name "Akola Medical Association" till 1950. After this, IMA Akola name was accepted by it.

Initially it did not have a meeting place of its own hence the meetings were organised at District Hospital and Chaudhari Vidyalaya. In 1963 IMA Akola, constructed its own building, even before the headquarters at New Delhi. The meetings were held twice a month regularly, a tradition which is followed continuously till today. The objective of these meetings is to update the knowledge of its members. The first MP Provincial Conference and Annual State Conference of IMA 1970 were held at Akola attended by more than 500 delegations in those days.

Association has always taken a lead in helping the people in hours of need like cholera epidemic and heavy floods in 1959, Andhra cyclone of 1977, Heavy floods in 1978, 1994 & 2002. The Association taken issues of Medical and Social importance to Government from time to time.

Now IMA Akola has got an additional hall generously constructed by Dr. S.S. Kale & IAP Akola. Similarly Dr. G.G.Dehankar memorial badminton hall is recently constructed for the benefit of IMA members & sports loving people of Akola. It has also got one Table Tennis hall.

Presently IMA Akola has got more than 300 members. Members of IMA Akola are active at State and National level. Dr. KakaSaheb R.N. Choudhari was the founder president of IMA Maharashtra State while Dr. Subhash Tiwari has been Vice President, State Central Working Committee and State Executive Committee member since last so many years.

Past president and secretaries

Year President Secretary
1950-51 Dr. M.V.Kamat Dr. D.S. Nanoti
1951-52 Dr. D.S.Gogate Dr. D.S. Nanoti
1952-53 Dr. D.S.Gogate Dr. W.R.Korpe
1953-54 Dr. R.N.Chaudhary Dr. W.R.Korpe
1954-55 Dr. R.N.Chaudhary Dr. W.R.Korpe
1955-57 Dr. R.N.Chaudhary Dr. G.V.Kane
1957-59 Dr. K.G.Pradhan Dr. V.G.Tople
1959-60 Dr. K.V.Jogalekar Dr. S.K.Pradhan
1960-61 Dr. K.V.Jogalekar Dr. M.R.Chaudhary
1961-62 Dr. J.V.Shah Dr. M.L.Ghate
1962-63 Dr.(Mrs.) Vechlekar Dr.(Mrs.) Pramila Tople
1963-64 Dr. D.S.Nanoti Dr. R.R.Dabak
1964-65 Dr. W.R.Korpe Dr. N.D.Chandak
1965-66 Dr. M.R.Chaudhary Dr. P.K.Pradhan
1966-67 Dr. G.S.Nakade Dr. G.J.Khan
1967-68 Dr.(Mrs.) P.S.Jain Dr. R.N.Bhamburkar
1968-69 Dr. B.V.Deshmukh Dr. Bhagwat
1969-70 Dr. M.L.Ghate Dr. B.B.Agrawal
1970-71 Dr. G.V.Kane Dr. M.G.Bhusari
1971-72 Dr. Mudliyar Dr. K.G.Paradkar
1972-73 -- --
1973-74 -- --
1974-75 -- --
1975-76 Dr. S.K.Pradhan Dr. M.M.Rathi
1976-77 Dr. G.J.Khan Dr. Mahajan
1977-78 Dr. R.R.Dabak --
1978-79 Dr. N.D.Chandak Dr. Kiran Laddha
1979-80 Dr. R.N.Bhamburkar Dr. Abhay Shah
1980-81 Dr. P.Y.Mohgaonkar Dr. Mohan Saoji
1981-82 Dr.(Mrs.) P.P.Mohgaonkar Dr.(Mrs.) P.P.Hantodkar
1982-83 Dr. K.S.Patil Dr. P.P.Thakare
1983-84 Dr. P.G.Alsi Dr. D.S.Mahore
1984-85 Dr. N.S.Nagle Dr. B.B.Mapari
1985-86 Dr. D.R.Bhagwat Dr. Vinayak Deshmukh
1986-87 Dr. M.P.Biyani Dr. N.R.Salampuria
1987-88 Dr. N.K.Maheshwari Dr. Ashok Agrawal
1988-89 Dr. S.U.Gawande Dr. M.V.Tamane
1989-90 Dr. S.V.Tare Dr. Shrikant Deshpande
1990-91 Dr. M.S.Mondhe Dr. P.S.Aher
1991-92 Dr. Harish Agrawal Dr. K.I.Murarka
1992-93 Dr. M.M.Rathi Dr. Subhash Tiwari
1993-94 Dr. K.G.Paradkar Dr. K.S.Deshpande
1994-95 Dr. Narendra Saraf Dr. Deepak Kelkar
1995-96 Dr. Kiran Laddha Dr. Giridhar Panpaliya
1996-97 Dr. Kishor Deshpande Dr. Vivek Deshpande
1997-98-99 Dr. Abhay Shah Dr. Devendra Tamane
1999-00 Dr. B.L.Virwani Dr. Prashant Mulawkar
2000-01 Dr. Raghunath Khadase Dr. Ashish Dehankar
2001-02 Dr. Subhash Tiwari Dr. Aniruddha Bhagwat
2002-03 Dr. Mahendra Tamane Dr. Umesh Panpaliya

      2003-04   Dr. O. K. Ruhatiya       Dr. Pradyot Garge 

    2004-05   Dr. Arun Bhagwat        Dr. Sandeep Chandak

    2005-06   Dr. Leena Agashe         Dr. Deepak Kelkar

    2006-07   Dr. Pramod Thakre      Dr. Anoop Rathi

    2007-08   Dr. Bhooshan Mapari    Dr.

    2008-09   Dr. Deepak Kelkar        Dr. Nikhil Kibe, Dr Avinash Patil

    2009-10   Dr. Asha Nikte              Dr Vasanti Thote, Dr Avinash Patil

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