SUPREME COURT OF INDIA decides against arrest of Doctors on charges of Criminal Negligence without Prima Facie evidence.

In a recent judgment the Hon'ble Supreme Court has given its verdict, not to arrest the Doctors without Prima Facie evidence, merely because somebody charges them with Negligence. The court ruling has pointed that there is a marked rise in the frivolous complaints against the doctors and hence while having no sympathy for the erring and irresponsible medical men, it gives a fair chance to practice till there is any prima facie evidence against the practitioner. It has also directed the Consumer Fora, not to issue notices on complaints of deficient service against Doctors, till the complaint is verified by an expert or panel of experts. The Judgment will go a long way in rebuilding the confidence of Sincere Doctors to practice without fear and also the Doctor Patient Relationship which has taken a beating in last decade. 

For the detailed Judgment Click the following Link of IMA Headquarters.







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